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Find your creativity, find fun, at Ubud Fairy Village – perhaps the best tourist attraction for kids, families and visitors who love art and creativity and something different in Ubud – a unique miniature fairy village and model railway that you can visit, and be guided to interact with!

Possibly, the best selfie photo in Ubud! There’s a dragon castle, an ice-cream castle, a tiny working skating-rink, and all with the rail track winding around it.

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Hand-made beautiful fairies are found in this fantasy setting that looks like a pink painted old English sweet shop. Look through the romantic small square windows to our Fairy Shop, where everything is lovingly hand-made – you’ll find fairies, dolls-houses and furniture, fairy houses, fairy and dolls-house food, gifts and portable creative, educational playthings.

For families, the younger children will be busy making their own ‘fairy world’ on the floor – so Dads have time to relax and usually have huge grins, playing with the trains!  Older children also love playing with the trains, or doing an art class, while Mum can relax, or join in as well, or do a creative workshop – so there’s something for all of you!  At last – the perfect family activity in Ubud!

Weekly Workshops

Make a fairy

Every Monday we’ll show you our special way of using a flexible paper clay with wire to make your fairy arms and legs, which is so fun as your fairy will end up being ‘positionable’ ie – you can move the arms and legs into beautiful gestures!

Next you’ll learn how to mould the body and head, paint the face, and fashion the hair! After all that we can also show you how to dress your fairy and add the wings. For the full thing like that, it takes 3 hours.

1 Adult and Child / 2 Hours




Baby Unicorn

Every Tuesday in this fun 1.5 hour workshop, you’ll be guided to make a lovely little paperclay unicorn to take home! After discovering how to form your swirled ‘unicorn colour’ clay, of pink and white with sparkles, you’ll learn how to model legs, body, head and how to put them together properly so they look great! Next you’ll fashion the hair and tail from more, differently coloured, ‘unicorn clay’, adding the horn to complete your magical mystical unicorn!

If there’s extra time, you’ll find out how to make unicorn food - unicorn sparkly fairy cakes, cakes with swirls of paperclay ‘icing’, decorated with sparkly ‘sugar’ glitter, and possibly, even make a few unicorn ice creams! Wisely, we are told that unicorns like something healthy after sweet things - like, peas! So time permitting, you’ll make that as well! Even though they might be sparkly peach, purple, and pink - unicorn colours! You can take your unicorn food home, to feed your unicorn.

Not included: rainbow poop. That is included in the next class ‘your rainbow flying unicorn’ which is the more advanced class including unicorn poop.

First of the Unicorn Series - make a mini baby, a rainbow flying, and a mama - unicorn!

Make a Mini Baby Unicorn - 1 of 3

1 Adult and Child / 2 Hours




Make a fairy garden

Every Thursday, make all the intriguing little garden details, we’ll guide you to position your own tiny fairy lamps that light up, make a pond, a watering can, figures, flowers, a garden seat – anything you like! We’ll show you how, and in no time, you’ll be creating on your own!

You’ll find the time will just fly…

Fairy Garden – 3 hours




Popular Classes

Make something special

Let us help you make something special, like a fairy castle, a beautiful fairy bed, or a fairy doll as a gift or collectable to treasure. We’ll help you develop your idea, then guide you to design and build the structure for it, and we’ll also help you create it on time and to budget.  Most materials included. 

Series of 6 x 2 hour classes, Rp900,000 per class.

Pay in advance and get a free extra 20 mins of tuition.



Guided Playtime

In Guided Playtime, you can play with what we have available (and/or your child can) – you need to be present with your children, and if you want to, we’ll encourage you to join in and play and have fun as well!

Wendy House ~ Train track time ~ Floor garden ~ Train set (you build) ~ Hang the figures on the tree ~ Fairy Village Treasure Hunt (Optional and Coming Soon) ~ Dolls House ~ Paperclay Play (guided)

Note: We invite parents to participate, not spectate! That’s why materials for you all to create something, are included in your entry fee.

Maximum 2 children per Adult.

The system will give you discounts according to the size of your party (or a fee for 3rd Child)

If you need to bring more children, please book them as adults, and do let us know in the additional info box below, we will bring in more staff to support. 

Please be punctual, as we may not let your time overrun, where others have booked after you, and there are no refunds for lost time, however caused.


1 Adult and Child / Hour




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Ubud Fairy Village

Experience playful creative classes, workshops and courses like ‘make a fairy’, ‘make a fairy garden’ and learn inspiring skills that fire up your creativity, and are great fun to do, on your own and with others.

After the first 5 minutes of instruction, you’ll be flying – making things on your own!

Do you believe in fairies?

Join in with our staff

Join in and make something artistic with our staff.

Experience playful creative classes, workshops and courses like ‘make a fairy’, ‘make a fairy garden’ and learn inspiring skills that fire up your creativity, and are great fun to do, on your own and with others. After the first 5 minutes of instruction, you’ll be flying – making things on your own!

Ubud Fairy Village Stories



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The Railways

The Railways

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